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Flow into Peace Bodywork October 17, 2018
Flow into Peace Bodywork
Hi friends, I am nature loving hippyish aquarius .I am more of an introvert, like authentic, honest and HAPPY connections
Austin 150.00 $
October 14, 2018
Need an RV
I need an RV to sleep in when I run church revivals so I can be able to watch my things under the tent I would appreciate it if anyone can donate me one thank you prophet steele God bless
Atlanta Free
Looking for sarrogate mom September 28, 2018
Looking for sarrogate mom
I’m looking for a sarrogate mom I had a terrible accident leaving me with no uterus, eggs or ovaries, we want a baby more than anything in this world! I need a sarrogate to use her eggs and my husbands sperm, carry a baby for us! I’m willing to take care of you and pay for all doctors and hospital cost! This just kills me inside that I can not have any babies!
Grand Forks Free
September 23, 2018
Please Help My Brother Matthew, Please God Help Us!!!
Hello, My name is Travis Ray Surles. I'm placing this add because my twin brother Matthew Scott Surles is in serious need of some help. He was diagnosed with cancer, a tumor on his adrenal gland and also Polycythemia which is an abnormal increase in red blood cells. It happens when the tissue inside your bones (bone marrow) makes too much blood. He's going through extreme pain everyday and can't stand up without me holding on too him, my brother Matthew gets extremely painful headaches and vertigo because of this. It's just not right for my twin brother to suffer so badly but what makes it worst is the fact that we don't have the money to pay for his medications that he needs, we don't have the money for his medical bills, and also no food to live on, so I'm reaching out to you, the world. Please help us!! We don't know what to do and our family won't help us. Me and my Twin brother Matthew would greatly appreciate any help you can give us, even the smallest donations would mean the world to us. You can send all donations either to our PayPal account which is: [email protected] And Our home address is: Travis And Matthew Surles 114 Academy Street North Ahoskie NC 27910 USA Please Show Us That There Is A God!!! Show My Twin Brother Matthew Scott Surles That The People Of The World Cares For One Another!! Thank You So Very Much, And May God Bless All Of You Who Tries To Help!!!
Raleigh 27910.00 $
Fire Victim September 13, 2018
Fire Victim
Please go to gofundme and help me and my sister link below any amount will help https://www.gofundme.com/e4wed-fire-victim&rcid=r01-153679977711-f4f78b0a26334853&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
Birmingham 3000.00 $
Lost house and household items in electrical fire including clothing: starting from scratch w no $! June 17, 2018
Lost house and household items in electrical fire including clothing: starting from scratch w no $!
I seriously hate feeling like a charity case; it is one of my biggest pet peeves. But I guess there comes a time in everyone's life that they experience an " hour of need" and unfortunately this happens to be mine I guess. As you can imagine, this whole situation was unforseen and definitely not planned into my budget. I depleted my entire savings on paying an oddly large security deposit and the first months rent. What was not burned in the electrical fire was water logged by the fire Dept. We do not even own a fork at this time! I do have a king size mattress but no box, frame or linen/ bedding. The previous tenant left a sectional couch that is in fair condition, a card table and folding chairs... And that is it for now! It's just Isaiah, my 6 yr old...Lily, my 5 year old and myself. Their father is not in the picture and didn't even ask the children if they were ok! We have no family here so this entire thing has been more than stressful and extremely hellacious! I do not drive so that is anotherj delightful road block on this whole stinking event! I was actually able to find a very nice bunk bed set and ihf I purchase it, they will kindly donate an entertainment center, another futon and pots and pans! But there is a slight dilemma I'm facing.. They are asking 275.00 for the bunk beds but for all of those items, I would be an idiot if I didn't figure out a way to pay that amount. I do receive child support every Wednesday but I'm still paying off installments to the landlord. They are allowing me to make two installments but I'm literally leaving the kids and I 20 bucks till the end of the month!! They wanted 140.00 today and wanted me to pickup the furniture as well but there is just NO feasible way I could come up with 14 dollars, let alone 140! Also, I honestly keep to myself and focus on raising my children only and the downfall to that is that I have no friends to ask if they would use their truck and lend a hand in moving this furniture from Milwaukee to Racine or loan me a small amount of funds. I also do not have a drivers license so renting a Uhaul is a No GO as well! Lol.. life truly stinks at the moment! The kids are so tired of sleeping on the floor and we would be heartbroken if they do not allow me to move the furniture out by this weekend or wait till Wednesday for the 140.00. Lol, and I no longer have anything of value to sell or let them hold onto in good faith! I truly feel embarrassed asking this but does anyone have any type of work I could do to earn any amount of money? If not, I completely understand but I'm just exploring any and all options and it never hurts to ask! Another embarrassing question: would you be able to assist me in moving the furniture from walkers point in Milwaukee, wi 53202 to 2106 Clarence ave Racine WI? Perhaps if you or someone you may know has a truck or a trailer? I am very sorry for the novel I have written but I have had nobody to vent to, talk to about all this of this rigamarole plus I wanted to go in depth so you know that I am NOT just looking for a quick, greedy handout. Other than that, like I have stated, the children and I have the clothes on our backs and are in dire need of everything to be honest. From clothing, to dishes, bedding, I need a bed still myself, curtains, vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, towels, wash clothes, cleaning supplies, lamps, dressers, kitchen table and chairs, microwave, utensils, toaster, pots and pans, hot pads, bathroom shower curtain, fans, television home computer, tablets that school requires. And toys! I am sure there is more.. And that is just from the top of my head!! Anything you can help with... the children and I would be extremely grateful! We are not picky; beggers cannot be choosers! If you or anyone you know have any spare items they are willing to donate to me or willing to sell at an affordable price I could pay over time... It would be Heaven sent I assure you! Additionally, gift cards would be very much appreciated!I will be looking for a vehicle now that I will reside In Racine and all of our Doctor's are located in Milwaukee... So if you have any ideas about that, Please let me know! Last but not least, thank you for reaching out and honestly, if you could only spare a set of forks, we would be ever so grateful and happy beyond belief! Thank you and God Bless! Rachelle, Lily and Isaiah! The Habermann family!
Racine Free