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Ride Available November 24, 2018
Ride Available
Hi My Name is Rocky I go all over Arkansas and Other States too get the ride you need! I don't do waiting fees and I work with your budget so you can get the ride you need! Your can do cool things on your ride that you can't do in other transportation services and yes I allow pets too ride too! I don't allow any illegal weapons or anything illegal in my car! So call me anytime for more info and estimate and we will work together as team too get the best ride you need! Call or text me any time. Starting at $40.00 dolars and Up! Call or Text For More Info and A Estimate Anytime! 501-475-6102
Little Rock 40.00 $
Taxi Rides By Naomi April 29, 2018
Taxi Rides By Naomi
$15 one-way cash paid out front. If round-trip is needed $20. Out of town Rides $1.25 miles. No service on Thursday. 7 AM to 6pm. $5 dollars more for an extra stops. 10 minute wait time allowed.This is a husband and wife team service.
Fresno 15.00 $