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Beginning Flamenco Dance Workshop! December 7, 2018
Beginning Flamenco Dance Workshop!
I invite anyone to attend who has always wanted to try and learn flamenco. This 90 min. workshop will introduce and expose you to the artistic elements involved in the dance. I will be teaching footwork, arm and body movement, hand-clapping, and exposure to the rhythms of Rumba, Alegrias and Tangos. This class is open to teens and adults. This is a great to way to get introduced to this beautiful art form. The workshop will be held on Saturday December 15th from 3pm to 4:30pm at Zemskov Dance Academy located at 7835 S. Rainbow Blvd. #6 Las Vegas Nevada 89139 Women attire: bring a skirt at least knee length or longer. A pair of shoes or boots with a hard heel. ( closed toe preferred) Men attire: bring a pair of shoes or boots with a hard heel. The cost of this 90 min. workshop is $20. I will only be accepting cash as a form of payment for the workshop. For any further information send an email: [email protected] RSVP to hold your space at the workshop send an email [email protected]
Las Vegas Free
October 26, 2018
Snowiness dance party
Fun for just about Snowiness dance party.
Fayetteville Free
Belly Dancing Course August 16, 2018
Belly Dancing Course
A fun night with friends! BellyDancingCourseâ„¢ and 5 FREE Bonuses + One-On-One Coaching + Instant Access - All Yours for Just $47.00! Instant download, online streaming and DVDs!!!! Go here for more information:
New York City 47.00 $
On Kee Tots and Teens Dance Program July 3, 2018
On Kee Tots and Teens Dance Program
Dance on Kee Studios is introducing its new youth program, On Kee Tots and Teens. This program is designed for children 5-17 to learn the fundamentals of dance through various dance genres. Each class will participate in winter and spring recitals and have other opportunities to showcase what they are learning in class. For more information, call us at 404-500-3553 or email us at [email protected]! We look forward to speaking with you!!
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