Add more fun to hunting with these hacks

A passion is a powerful force that drives us to our desires at odds with everything else. Conversely, once a dream becomes a living reality, the spark of it is likely to wither away with each passing day.

So is the case with hunting where initially, it becomes the subtopic to binge read about. However, after a year or so, the bows are abandoned and their place is fixed on the walls.

This occurs primarily due to the fact that the hunters get weary of running on the same pattern; go to the targeted place, hunt something down and then return to home. Nah, this doesn’t sound like a Sunday plan.

So, what’s the alternative? Quit hunting? No. Spice it up? Yes!

The following eleven hints hold the formula to convert a monotonous hunting trip into a buoyant one. Scroll down to unveil the idea!


By going along the tips listed hereinafter, the same zeal will be revive in your soul as it was on the night before your first hunting trip.


Sometimes it’s healthy to live your experiences with your loved ones. Taking your wife and kids along is dangerous but a worth taking risk. It’s a beautiful feeling to see the newbies hop from one place to another, discovering the charm that our nature holds and learning the “do’s” and “don’ts” of hunting. Coupled up with giving you a positive energy, it is also a great chance for your family to reconnect with the mother-nature and free-style living.

The art of planning out all the strategies, setting up a trap, staying undercover etc. will all fascinate your child who will grow up to be a “genes-had-it” hunter. Partners can also help share the waiting period before your target finally falls in your trap. So, take them along this season and create memorable moments as you all grow together from this trip.


When you take a risk as fatal as hunting, the world is bound to praise you for it. However, that is only when you let your skills come on the surface (and avoid illegal killing!). The ideal way to display your adventures on a single grid/screen is to make a page on a popular social website. Your unique experiences will earn you followers, and that will boost up the motivation to give out your best. Since you’ll always be engaged in updating your feed, there will be no free time to get bored during the hunt.




Sometimes to bring back the spark, we need to revive some moments. Likewise, it’s time to put aside all the modern techniques and shift back to shooting with a trad bow like in the older times. Doing so will force you into being more conscious to your surroundings and you will feel like wild man, waiting to attack. Whether it’s a whitetail or a boar coming within your reach, your confidence levels would be sky-high. Besides, the touch of it will travel you back to your beginning days, eventually breathing life into the fainted spark.



Competition suffocates us more than boredom ever will. An easy way to start enjoying hunting once again is to hunt what you want. Then whether it’s a small buck or a huge whitetail, as long as it is what you want, your companions should have no say in it.



By reading this title, the first thing to click is, “But isn’t it dangerous?” Well, if you are talking about risks, then hunting itself is the biggest risk, so to go a step further won’t hurt. Carry out a rigorous research, narrow down the safest place in the area and set up a camp over there. Watch movies in it, feed yourself, rest up a bit or socialize with friends till you are on your break.



If you’re out in the field with a group, then the best option is to team up and play a game. There are plenty of games that could be played while sitting with your buddies around a bonfire such as a singing competition, truth or dare etc. Not only does it lighten the air, but it is also a healthy way of relaxing. In case you are alone, then mobile games are the ultimate resort! Being alone is the perfect time to test your Subway surf skills.



Don’t you think people residing in the busy streets would be intrigued to know what goes on in the forests?  Yes, most of them certainly would be. The best way to showcase the forest’s evening through your eyes is to capture it. Watching the arrow flying towards the deer, as the deer struggles its way through the bushy area, is a sight no one wants to miss (especially if you get to experience it in your lounge).

So, why not bring this moment filled with curiosity to peoples’ plates by filming a documentary that has clips of the trap being set, of the waiting period and then of finally getting the target. If you are already doing that, then the advice for you is to quit doing so because after all, we are just trying to break the pattern.


  1. YOGA

In the middle of the woods, doing yoga seems like an odd option. However, the benefits explain it better. Stretching yourself for a while will help you regain the lost energy and enrich your mind with positivity and confidence. Of course, you should select a safe place for practicing it, but once you have, it will make up for all the exhaustion and low adrenaline levels.



Any game played without challenges is a paved path that has to be walked smoothly, and well, “walking smoothly” and “gamers” don’t fit into the same equation. Since we intend to stimulate the fun, you can construct yourself a thirty day challenge. There is a specific animal that you’ll have to take down each week. Doing so will keep you focused and more enthusiastic about your hunting expeditions.



There are numerous fellow hunters who might have not explored the places that you have. To help them benefit from your episode, you can draw a map of the places, signs, buildings etc. that you came across and use a laser rangefinder to mark accurate distances between them. For example, after walking five miles from the stand, you arrive at the bird yard, ten miles after this is the fence etc. It can assist you as well the next time you come to same hunt.



A layer of wrath would have taken over all the trophy hunters but relax! We mean it. Hunters often get so involved in getting the biggest buck that they miss out on the fun that shooting the does hold. The most exciting part of this activity is to count how many does you can kill. Set new records, load the wagon with meat and feed the community with good food.

With all of these tips, we are confident that your next hunt will be a hunt cum party. It’s time to create some memories, happy hunting!

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