If you searching for milk analyzer for testing milk quality, fat, protein, then you are right place, we are manufacturer and supplier of Indian made Ultra Scan Milk Analyzer.

Why to choose us?

1. Best in class display
2. Manual as well as automatic cleaning
3. RS 304 body
4. Most easy & user friendly keypad design
5. Cleaning history on the display
6. RS 232 as well as USB interface
7. Directly attach printer
8. Can be attached to any DPU with selectable data output format
9. By-directional communication by RS 232 port
10. Detachable as well as interchangeable sensor

For more visit the source: Milk analyzer manufacturer

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  • Dairy Equipment
  • Milk Processing Unit
  • Automatic Milk Processing
  • Automatic Milk collection
  • Alcohol Gun


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