Source : Travel technology has come a long way over the last decade. Traditional methods of travel planning and booking have almost vanished in thin air. Today, travelers use technology to great extent to plan the travel, book the travel deals there by making the travel process easier. Young travelers are the generation born towards the end of the last millennium and grew in the arena of wireless internet, smart-phones, considered as gen Y. The ratio of this generation using travel technology is high, when compared to people with 40+ age. With smartphone and mobile internet in hand, travelers are searching all the travel deals on the responsive travel websites and mobile compatible travel software. Survey shows that a major part of online travel booking now comes through hand held devices. Travel technology has evolved, not only as an online booking and itinerary processing system, but it has become a way to plan the whole travel starting from flight booking, hotel booking, car booking, reminder for important documents, creating a common travel group and sharing the images / videos. The whole travel process and post travel activities are now all connected through the travel technology. Travelers are checking the travel websites for everything, it may be weather, fight/ train/ bus timing update or any value added information. Mobile has become a tool for checking and sharing on the go. The mobile phone with the travel mobile app, has become an online travel agency. Searching, booking, sharing – everything is available right at finger tips. Travel technology companies have taken a great part in this growth story. These companies have developed some great travel products in last few years. Travel website development and travel apps are much in demand. All the leading travel agencies are partnering with top travel technology company to deliver a product, which can actually create a wave in the travel domain. Next two years, it will be interesting to see as to how the travel domain grows.
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