Weighingnews.com is a global knowledge platform for all Manufacturers and Suppliers to disseminate information on the latest news in the Weighing Industry related to products, launches, events, case studies, innovations, inventions and all else besides, to their current and potential Clients. The leadership team at Weighingnews.com consists of A domain expert who has thirty years’ experience in the weighing industry in India, coming from a family that that has been in the weighbridge business for three generations. A seasoned manager with thirty years’ experience in senior positions at different companies, who has been a highly successful Chief Executive for the last fifteen years. A systems professional with long experience in setting up and implementing processes for organizations to deliver high quality outputs on time. Weighingnews.com holds a series of events, conferences and panel discussions in various cities in different regions to facilitate live interaction between Buyers and Sellers. We seek to recognize the best players in each segment of the industry by publicly acknowledging and awarding their contributions through an annual Mega event. Weighingnews.com aims to plug the dearth of knowledge and awareness amongst users of weighing scales and equipment about the innovation and events in the field. We host a panel of experts to guide, help and assist on any technical and commercial matter related to the weighing industry. With thousands of weighing related end-user companies registered with us (cement, steel, glass, minerals, fertilizers, chemical, food, and petrochemical industries, and many others), Weighingnews.com aims to become a lead generating vehicle for these users and their companies to enquire about products and post leads or tenders for their company’s requirements.
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