The primary aim behind registering a trademark is to prevent other companies from infringing on the identity of your company. It stops them from manufacturing goods or services using your identifying mark.

Trademark laws may apply locally or internationally, depending on where you choose to register your mark. Although it is advisable to register your trademark early, there are situations where you can still get protection for an unregistered trademark.

With growing number of businesses and intense competition copyright piracy, trademark counterfeiting, and patent infringement have become significant problems in the business community. Certainly any small business that exports its IP protected products abroad or sources its products or parts overseas must take into account the potential for rampant IP theft in many countries. As a new organization, it is absolute necessary to register your intellectual property through Patent / Copy Rights / Trade Mark.

  • Trademark registration under intellectual property India provides a business with several advantages that can help them competitively and legally.
  • It all starts with the right of ownership. Uses of ® symbol
  • You legally own the mark
  • You can pursue legal action against infringers
  • Your trademark will appear in searches
  • Prevent against imported goods