1. Product Name:titanium bar factory
2. Product Description:Production grade of titanium rod National standards: TA1, TA2, TA3, TA7, ta9, TA10, TC4, tc4eli, TC6, TC9, TC10, TC11 American Standard: GR1, Gr2, GR3, GR5, GR7, Gr12 Alloy introduction: According to the phase composition, titanium alloys can be divided into three categories: α alloy, (α + β) alloy and β alloy, which are represented by TA, TC and TB respectively in China. ① The α - alloy contains a certain amount of stable α - phase elements and is mainly composed of α - phase in equilibrium state. Alpha alloy has low specific gravity, good thermal strength, good weldability and excellent corrosion resistance, but it has low strength at room temperature. It is usually used as heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. α - alloys can be divided into total α - alloys (TA7), near α - alloys (ti-8al-1mo-1v) and α - alloys with a small amount of compounds (Ti-2.5Cu). ② The (α + β) alloy contains a certain amount of stable α phase and β phase elements, and the microstructure of the alloy in equilibrium state is α phase and β phase. (α + β) alloy has medium strength and can be strengthened by heat treatment, but its weldability is poor. (α + β) alloys are widely used, and Ti-6Al-4V Alloy accounts for more than half of all titanium products. ③ The β alloy contains a lot of stable β phase elements, which can keep all the high temperature β phase to room temperature. In general, β alloys can be divided into heat treatable β alloys (metastable β alloys and near metastable β alloys) and heat stable β alloys. The heat treatable β - alloy has excellent plasticity in quenched state, and its tensile strength can reach 130-140 kgf / mm ~ 2 by aging treatment. Beta alloys are usually used as high strength and toughness materials. The disadvantages are heavy ratio, high cost, poor welding performance and difficult machining Titanium rod production status: Hot working state (R) Cold working state (y) Annealing state (m) Solid solution state (st) Titanium rod manufacturing process: Hot forging hot rolling turning (polishing) Executive standard of titanium rod National standards: GB / t2965-2007, GB / t13810, Q / bs5331-91 American Standard: ASTM b348, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, ams4928 1、 Reference standard 1: GB 228 metal tensile test method 2: Grade and chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloys (GB / T 3620.1) 3: GB / t3620.2 chemical composition and allowable deviation of titanium and titanium alloy products 4: GB 4698 method for chemical analysis of sponge titanium, titanium and titanium alloys 2、 Technical requirements 1: The chemical composition of titanium and titanium alloy bars shall comply with GB / T 3620.1, and the allowable deviation of chemical composition shall comply with GB / T 3620.2 when repeated inspection is required. 2: The diameter or side length of hot working bar and its allowable deviation shall comply with the provisions in Table 1. 3: After hot working, the allowable diameter deviation of the bar after turning (grinding), cold rolling and cold drawing shall meet the requirements of Table 2. 4: After hot working, the out of roundness of the polished bar should not be more than half of its dimensional tolerance. 5: The unfixed length of bar in processing state is 300-6000 mm, and that in annealing state is 300-2000 mm. The unfixed length or multiple length should be within the range of unfixed length. The allowable deviation of fixed length is + 20 mm. The multiple length should also be included in the cut size of bar, and each hole size is 5 mm. The fixed length or multiple length should be indicated in the contract.
3. Price:28.00
4. Product Website: http://www.bjtianbometal.com
5. Company Description: Baoji Tianbo metal materials Co., Ltd.
6. Address: ShanXiShanXiBaoJiWeibingQingAnBao Village, Bayu Town, High-Tech Zone, Baoji, Shaanxi, China
7. Descption: Baoji tianbo metal materials co., LTD was founded in 2011, is located in Shaanxi Baoji Chinese titanium valley. The company is specialized in titanium and titanium alloy, refractory and rare non-ferrous metal material by processing, manufacturing, developing and marketing are integrated enterprise. The enterprise fixed assets about 6000000 yuan, annual output of 90 tons, the annual output value of 15 million yuan. We have 1 sets of 3 tons of vacuum furnace, hot and cold rolling machine 1 sets, several CNC lathes, 1 sets of grinding, machining center, and several Testing Instruments. We have 2 professional doctoral students in high quality, 12 professional technicists. The company produces high-quality tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and titanium alloy products, which mainly used in medical equipment, medical implants, aerospace, military, marine, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, electronic chemicals, instruments, vacuum coating etc.. The company is committed to research and development of zirconium -702 , special material sprocessing material and so on, using advanced processing technology to provide various products of high-quality non-ferrous metal processing materials for various industries. Our products standards are GJB, AMS, GB/T, ASTM, ISO and so on.
8. Registered Capital: 500
9. EmployeeNum: 100
Baoji Tianbo metal materials Co., Ltd.
10. Contact: Winn
11. Telphone: 86-0917-3383198
12. Fax: 86-0917-3380769
13. Email: baojitianbometal@aliyun.com
14. Company Website: https://www.bjtianbometal.com
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