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2. Product Description:The requirements of sputtering target materials are higher than those of traditional materials industry, such as size, flatness, purity, impurity content, density, N / O / C / s, grain size and defect control; higher or special requirements include surface roughness, resistance value, grain size uniformity, composition and microstructure uniformity, foreign matter (oxide) content and size, permeability, ultra-high density and defect control Ultrafine grains and so on. Magnetron sputtering is a new type of physical vapor deposition, which uses an electron gun system to emit electrons and focus them on the coated material, so that the sputtered atoms follow the momentum conversion principle and fly away from the material with high kinetic energy to the substrate for deposition. This kind of material is called sputtering target. Sputtering targets include metals, alloys, ceramic compounds, etc. Magnetron sputtering is a new type of physical vapor deposition. Compared with evaporation deposition, it has obvious advantages in many aspects. As a mature technology, magnetron sputtering has been used in many fields. Sputtering technology Sputtering is one of the main techniques for preparing thin film materials. It uses the ions generated by ion source to form high-speed ion beam after accelerated aggregation in vacuum, bombards the solid surface, and the ions exchange kinetic energy with the atoms on the solid surface, so that the atoms on the solid surface separate from the solid and deposit on the substrate surface. The bombarded solid is the raw material for preparing sputtered thin film The sputtering material is called sputtering target. Various types of sputtered thin film materials have been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits, solar photovoltaic, recording media, planar display and workpiece surface coating. Sputtering target materials are mainly used in electronic and information industry, such as integrated circuit, information storage, liquid crystal display, laser memory, electronic controller, etc.; they can also be used in the field of glass coating; they can also be used in wear-resistant materials, high temperature corrosion resistance, high-grade decorative products and other industries. classification According to the shape, it can be divided into square target, round target and irregular target According to the composition, it can be divided into metal target, alloy target and ceramic compound target According to different applications, it can be divided into semiconductor related ceramic target, recording medium ceramic target, display ceramic target, superconducting ceramic target and giant magnetoresistance ceramic target It can be divided into microelectronic target, magnetic recording target, optical disc target, precious metal target, film resistance target, conductive film target, surface modification target, mask layer target, decorative layer target, electrode target, packaging target and other targets according to the application fields Principle of magnetron sputtering: an orthogonal magnetic field and electric field are added between the target electrode (cathode) and the anode, the required inert gas (usually Ar gas) is filled into the high vacuum chamber, and the permanent magnet forms a 250-350 Gauss magnetic field on the surface of the target material, which forms an orthogonal electromagnetic field with the high voltage electric field. Under the action of electric field, Ar gas ionizes into positive ions and electrons, and there is a certain negative high pressure on the target. The ionization probability of electrons emitted from the target increases under the action of magnetic field and working gas, and a high density plasma is formed near the cathode. Under the action of Lorentz force, Ar ions accelerate to the target surface, bombard the target surface at a high speed, so that the sputtered atoms on the target follow According to the principle of momentum conversion, the film is deposited on the substrate with high kinetic energy. Magnetron sputtering is generally divided into two types: Branch sputtering and RF sputtering. The principle of branch sputtering equipment is simple, and its speed is fast when sputtering metal. In addition to conducting materials, RF sputtering can also be used to sputter non-conductive materials. At the same time, reactive sputtering is also used to prepare oxides, nitrides and carbides. If the RF frequency increases, it will become microwave plasma sputtering. Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) type microwave plasma sputtering is commonly used. Magnetron sputtering target material: Metal sputtering target, alloy sputtering target, ceramic sputtering target, boride ceramic sputtering target, carbide ceramic sputtering target, fluoride ceramic sputtering target, nitride ceramic sputtering target, oxide ceramic target, selenide ceramic sputtering target, silicide ceramic sputtering target, sulfide ceramic sputtering target, telluride ceramic sputtering target Other ceramic targets, Cr SiO, InP, pbas, InAs. High purity and high density sputtering targets are as follows: Sputtering target (purity: 99.9% - 99.999%) 1. Metal target material: Nickel target, Ni target, titanium target, Ti target, zinc target, Zn target, chromium target, Cr target, magnesium target, Mg target, niobium target, Nb target, tin target, Sn target, aluminum target, Al target, in target, iron target, Fe target, zirconium aluminum target, zral target, titanium aluminum target, TiAl target, zirconium target, Zr target, aluminum silicon target, AlSi target, silicon target, Si target, copper target, tantalum target, t, a target, germanium target, Ge target, silver target, Ag target, cobalt target, CO target, gold target, Au target, gadolinium target, GD target, lanthanum target, La target, yttrium target, y target Metal sputtering targets include CE target, CE target, w target, stainless steel target, NiCr target, NiCr target, HF target, Mo target, Fe Ni target, FeNi target, w target, etc. 2. Ceramic target ITO target, azo target, magnesium oxide target, iron oxide target, silicon nitride target, silicon carbide target, titanium nitride target, chromium oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc sulfide target, silicon dioxide target, silicon oxide target, ceria target, zirconia target, niobium pentoxide target, titanium dioxide target, zirconia target, hafnium dioxide target, titanium diboride target, zirconium diboride target, tungsten oxide target, trioxide target Ceramic sputtering targets include aluminum target, tantalum pentoxide target, niobium pentoxide target, magnesium fluoride target, yttrium fluoride target, zinc selenide target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride target, titanium nitride target, silicon carbide target, lithium niobate target, praseodymium titanate target, barium titanate target, lanthanum titanate target and nickel oxide target. 3. Alloy target Nickel chromium alloy target, nickel vanadium alloy target, aluminum silicon alloy target, nickel copper alloy target, titanium aluminum alloy target, nickel vanadium alloy target, ferroboron alloy target, ferrosilicon alloy target and other high purity alloy sputtering targets.
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5. Company Description: Baoji Tianbo metal materials Co., Ltd.
6. Address: ShanXiShanXiBaoJiWeibingQingAnBao Village, Bayu Town, High-Tech Zone, Baoji, Shaanxi, China
7. Descption: Baoji tianbo metal materials co., LTD was founded in 2011, is located in Shaanxi Baoji Chinese titanium valley. The company is specialized in titanium and titanium alloy, refractory and rare non-ferrous metal material by processing, manufacturing, developing and marketing are integrated enterprise. The enterprise fixed assets about 6000000 yuan, annual output of 90 tons, the annual output value of 15 million yuan. We have 1 sets of 3 tons of vacuum furnace, hot and cold rolling machine 1 sets, several CNC lathes, 1 sets of grinding, machining center, and several Testing Instruments. We have 2 professional doctoral students in high quality, 12 professional technicists. The company produces high-quality tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and titanium alloy products, which mainly used in medical equipment, medical implants, aerospace, military, marine, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, electronic chemicals, instruments, vacuum coating etc.. The company is committed to research and development of zirconium -702 , special material sprocessing material and so on, using advanced processing technology to provide various products of high-quality non-ferrous metal processing materials for various industries. Our products standards are GJB, AMS, GB/T, ASTM, ISO and so on.
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Baoji Tianbo metal materials Co., Ltd.
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