Task Hours is one of the leading remote employee productivity and time Tracking solutions. During this covid-19 pandemic most of companies adept works from home work culture. the work from home or from a  remote location is new normal working style. It is a very good decision to overcome safety concern of employees.

But on other hand your the employee really work the way you want?  It is a really a big matter of concern for management. How you really increase productivity of every team member. How you manage the time tracking and Reporting of your team. It is a really a big challenge for management.

Why Task Hours is best Solutions for remote monitoring?

The task hours is developed by a team of experts who had several years of experience to software development. We includes all essentials features in this software to increase the productivity with time monitoring.

These are the features that makes Task Hours Best Remote monitoring Solutions.   

  • Attendance Monitoring.

Time Tracking.

Smart Notification.

Robust Reporting.

Live Monitoring.

Screen Recording.

Intelligent Analytics.

Automated Screen Capturing.

30 Days Free Trails.

Easy to setup and use.

If you are in management team and facing issue to  take reporting and Monitoring of your team. Then Task Hours is best solutions for you.

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  • Attendance Monitoring.
  • Smart Notification
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • 30 Days Free Trails.
  • Robust Reporting.
  • Smart Notification.