With Econofrost’s night covers, you can keep your beverages safe that are stored in refrigerator display cases. Using this product for fridge display cases, keep the flavor and the nutritional integrity of the beverages intact. You won’t get any complaints from the consumers regarding “off” taste of the products. Nor, there will be any loss of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants from the natural fruit and veggie drinks. This is possible through blocking of UV radiation and heat by woven aluminum fabric. So, next time you look for chiller display case products, don’t forget to take night covers along. The best part is you save a lot of energy—which reduces your utility bills. Find more details about this product from here: econofrost.com

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  • Refrigerator Night Cover
  • Thermal Curtain
  • Night Blind
  • Dairy Display
  • Beverage Display
  • Meat Display


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