Reactive Dyes Manufacturer

Go Organic DyeChem is a Leading Reactive Dye Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporters in India, Brazil, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, Turkey. Reactive Dyes is usually available in synthetic form and is known for the wide range of shades of colors that one finds in it. Its color base being insoluble in water is one of the properties that makes it different from other dyes. Reactive Dyes is those dyes which in aqueous solution yield colored cations. This class of dyes is known for their brilliant hues, some of them being fluorescent. Because of their poor fastness properties, particularly to light. Manufacturing of basic dyes is retained to a small extent for dyeing where brightness is more important.

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  • Reactive Dyes Manufacturer
  • Quality Row Material
  • Best For Textile Industries
  • synthetic form available
  • wide range of shades of colors
  • different from other dyes


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