Trace Point India  is the reputed Pre Matrimonial detective agency in Mumbai. people with clever along with the cruelty and no sympathy towards a person who is honest and thinks about others but there is no place where innocent peoples could survive and at some point some manipulation and smart work is necessary to keep away from people with sweet talks whereas the reality is different than the role of private detective agency comes. It has latest technology equipment to keep an eye from distance and can gather information. The way to do the investigation is fast as not a single evidence whether it is small or big could not miss out so far. We have strong and agile network of investigators who are proficiency in gathers the information very smartly and tackles every situation with out smartness. We believes in the keeping of secrecy of our valuable clients.

  • Attitude and behave test
  • Enquiry at work place
  • Financial Status Checking
  • Background Check
  • social background checking of family
  • digging of past secrets of suspect persons


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