Media Relations Agency for Public Relations. INK Republique offers PR & Storytelling Services for startups and small businesses in Bangalore. INK Republique is a media relations agency offers press release (PR) writing & brand storytelling services for events, startups and small businesses mainly.

  • A brand’s relationship with media is vital. We drive our clients to success by creating the right kind of stories and building lasting media relations.
  • Good brands need great stories. We help craft compelling content and other communication collaterals that connects you with your audience
  • A successful event requires a media splash. We work behind the scenes and leave no stone unturned to give your event complete media coverage
  • A media strategy includes various communication and marketing strategies. We identify and plan these online and offline strategies to ensure your brand stands out
  • Media can be very challenging to deal with. We provide you with media 101 sessions that help you identify
  • simplify


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