Playschools near Rakesh Fantasy Garden Kasturi Nagar Bangalore | Crust Daycarecenter PLAYGROUP Playing stimulates social and emotional skills for a child along with language development. Our play group children learn pre-writing skills, colors, public speaking, art & craft, daily life skills with other fun joyful activities. NURSERY: We aim to develop sense of individuality for our nursery children. Activities develop love for creativity & innovation. Explore & experience skills in Communication, sight words, General awareness, Reading & Craft work. As part of holistic learning our nursery children learn Reading skills, Montessori principles, logical understanding, fine motor skills, art & craft. LOWER KINDERGARTEN Our approach to teaching is child centric and learning methods are made easily adaptable for a Kindergarten children. Our student-teacher ratio ensures every child gets attention individually. Our children are taught both life skills and soft skills to make them confident in their abilities. We encourage social interactions between our children based on respect, courtesy and kindness. UPPER KINDERGARTEN We strive to empower our children to realize their fullest potential in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.Teaching environment is structured to encourage children to ask questions and try to find their own answers through observation, reading and interactions. The curriculum designed for UKG students to prepare them for the primary years of education and make this transition simpler for them. SUMMER CAMPS Yoga Art and Craft Drawing Outdoor Games Splash Pool Taekwondo Story Telling Robotics Dance & Music Read more:
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