Track leaves, attendance and overtime for error-free payroll computations only with the help of our Payroll System, Payroll Software India. Our payroll management system ensures to process the salary in the least amount of time minus any payroll redundancies. It eliminates the tiring process of manual computations of standard deductions, employee expenses, expense claims, salary, taxes, insurance, etc. saving efforts and time for HR professionals. For more mail us on: or give us a call @ 011-46048550, 9311746788
  • Easy Implementation: Rapid
  • but safe and effective implementation process.
  • Incredible short learning curve: The perfect balance between incredible functionality and ease of use.
  • Fully Parametric: Whether you are in manufacturing or in software business
  • you can define the rules applicable for your company.
  • Intelligent Upgrades: Upgrade patch detects the version you are having and makes necessary changes in your database.