1. Product Name:Outboard Engine Bevel Gear
2. Product Description:Outboard Engine Bevel Gear,Bevel Gear
3. Price:10.00
4. Product Website: http://www.admirablegear.com/gear/bevel-gear/outboard-engine-bevel-gear.html
5. Company Description: Minchen Gear Co., Ltd
6. Address: TaiwanTaiwanTaichungDaliNo.101, Renhua Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
7. Descption: Established in 1968, Minchen Gear Co., Ltd. was the first gear company in Taiwan to specialize in manufacturing and designing high accuracy spiral bevel gears. Minchen quickly developed a reputation for mastering precision bevel gear technology. Minchen’s entire factory is equipped with Gleason and Klingelnberg machine, which include hypoid cutter sharpeners, cutter inspection machines, hypoid generators, hyoid testers, and hypoid lappers. These machines are constantly maintained and are able to carry out any cutting methods developed by either Gleason or Klingelnberg Machines. These machines include gear measuring, cutting machine and grinding machine. Minchen combines two technologies to meet customer requirements. As a professional gear manufacturer, we adhere to the spirit of continuous innovation and continuous improvement.
8. Registered Capital: 100
9. EmployeeNum: 100
Minchen Gear Co., Ltd
10. Contact: DavidYeh
11. Telphone: 86-886-24912511
12. Fax: 86-886-24912524
13. Email: minchengear@aliyun.com
14. Company Website: http://www.admirablegear.com
  • Outboard Engine Bevel Gear
  • Bevel Gear


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