1. Product Name:Non-slip waterproof mattress top
2. Product Description:Without any rubber smell, the Non-slip waterproof mattress top brings a natural luxurious and soft feeling, completely breathable, keeps your skin away from sweating, and allows you to enter sweet dreams; the airflow system is permeable, Fresh air and humidity, a more sustainable environment; high-quality sewing prevents filling, and mattress protectors are more durable and tactile than ever. Suitable for home, dormitory and commercial purposes, such as hospitals, hotels and portable travel packaging. The advanced terry cloth and bamboo fiber material are made of natural bamboo fiber, combined with a super comfortable material. It provides a warm and soft feeling, and the bamboo ingredient brings a breathable and cool effect. The perfect airflow system lays the foundation for better night sleep and makes you feel sleeping in the cloud. Washable & Easy Care the mattress protector can be machine washed, easy maintenance. Simply use cold water and choose a regular cycle with no bleach or fabric softener and no fabric dryer protectors. dried on low heat.
3. Price:7.00
4. Product Website: https://www.sleepycare.com/waterproof-mattress-pad-and-sheet/non-slip-waterproof-mattress-top.html
5. Company Description: Hangzhou mosheng textiles Co.,Ltb.
6. Address: ZhejiangZhejiangHangzhouXiaoshanRoom 410, Building 1, Xintang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, 1221 Gongxiu Road, Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
7. Descption: Hangzhou Mosheng Textiles Co., Ltd. Belongs?to a Chinese traditional factory.Our factory was established as a professional Bedding Products manufacturer, which will devote itself to manufacture all kinds of Waterproof, Bed Bugs proof, Anti-Allengens, Anti-Dust Mites Mattress Protectors and Encasements.
8. Registered Capital: 100
9. EmployeeNum: 100
Hangzhou mosheng textiles Co.,Ltb.
10. Contact: Mu
11. Telphone: 86-189-67176626
12. Fax: 86-189-67176626
13. Email: sleepycare@aliyun.com
14. Company Website: http://www.sleepycare.com
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