Hello Friends!! My self Onkar Singh, This is my first chance when I am going to share my real gained spiritual experiences and practical’s to the public for spiritual betterment to people of all around the world.

I started my spiritual journey from year 1997 when I was 26 yrs old and in the year of 1998 I was sanyast from OSHO by ( Heavenly Swami Anand Vairagya) and from there I started my meditation journey from external world to internal world.

Now I am coming to my point, here I will share and try to teach how you can reach from Muladhar chakra to Third EYE with my dynamic techniques.

From last 17 years I am meditating on Third Eye and whatever I have gained and feel I will share with you and teach you how you can easily reach on Third Eye. I will go practically for those also who are keenly interested to learn these meditation techniques but when I will see you are a real seeker and you want to do some efforts from your side too.

There is no matter what is your age, your sexual orientation, your color, where are you from but if you deserve for learning then you are most welcome.

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  • Muladhar to Third Eye
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