PMT700, the most effective and versatile Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder to beat the hazard of handling High Pressure Gas Cylinders. CRYOGAS provides the most efficient and robust Mini Bulk Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders of 700 Litre, which are mounted on pallets, very popularly known as pallet mounted tank. “Fill to empty” is best utilized with PMT as a pallet truck carried filled PMT Tanks to the customers and return with empty ones. In a single round trip, multiple customers are addressed and the cost of delivery is reduced substantially. For more info visit: or call +91 95128 80042
  • PMT Tanks 700
  • Mini Bulk Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders of 700 Liter
  • Pallet Mounted Tank 700
  • Pallet Mounted Tank Cylinder 700
  • Mini Bulk Liquid Cylinders
  • Pallet Mounted Cylinders


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