Herbal Store Multi Vendor Shopping Script consisting of Multiple Shopping and Multi-vendor Grocery store supermarket.

A fully customizable Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script, with Wallet and QR Code features.A feature-packed Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script software to seamlessly manage your E-commerce System.

Your customers get a branded Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script like Website with Hybrid Apps for both iOS & Android. DOD IT SOLUTIONS Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script Vendor Module allows Vendors to Buy and Sell their Products Online with Customers.

Our Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script Delivery Module allows Customers to Track their Products in an Efficient Way.AR is the ideal technology to help shoppers with these concerns. We have ready-made augment reality apps for the same.

Our Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script is open to adding additional features, integrations, and customization’s to help your business achieve maximum ROI.

Advance Features : 


The entire user side of the script can be customzied to the language of your choice.

Agent App

Manage your Electronicsings and Reservations on the go with an Optional Electronics Multi Vendor Shopping System Script Agent Mobile Application.

Social Media LogIn

This allows clients to enter your online shopping website through social media logins. It gives your consumers the seamless shopping experience.

Social Share

Leveraging the power of social feature to share customer’s shopping cart via social media or Electronicsmark products for later purchase.


Integrate your web store with Google Analytics allows you to enhance your eCommerce features with statistics, insights, and optimization.

Live Chat

With live chat integration reply to queries, make easy live conversation & ensure support.

ERP Feature

ERP package enable a corporation to take care of master lists of all customers and vendors, the product it sells, the fabric company procures, chart of accounts list, worker knowledge & knowledge that company owns.

Record New Entry

Suppose a brand new marketer should be recorded within the master knowledge. correct marketer ID, his actual verified location, payment terms and mechanism and credit limits are recorded. Erp System take care of data entry in a reliable form.

ERP Report

Tools for querying info and generating unexpected reports area unit accessible within the ERP system. These tools conjointly embrace customizable dashboards, making completely different graphs and different visual representations.


A CRM element of ERP system principally keeps track of all of your client and sales information. This module includes options like insights of sales patterns and client behaviors, client preferences and many more.


Easy To Use

Integrated SEO

Turn-Key Solution

Unlimited Listing Types


Email Management 

100% Customizable

Payment Processing

Slick Modernized Mobile Applications

With our Herbal Multi Vendor Shopping System Script App, You can completely transform your E-Commerce Solutions with a custom-build you need, Customer App and a powerful Admin panel to manage the business. Check our detailed Herbal Clone Script Proposal for more details .

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  • Easy To Use
  • Integrated SEO
  • Turn-Key Solution
  • Unlimited Listing Types
  • Fully-Automated
  • Email Management