Contact information Aulis Email: Tel,whatsApp,wechat: +8619930501614 wickr me:lindazhao Product information Product Name: H-D-PHG-OME HCL CAS No.: 19883-41-1 H-D-PHE-OME HCL is White to Almost white powder to crystal H-D-PHG-OME HCL is an important pharmaceutical intermediate We are H-D-PHE-OME HCL factory, have rich experience in exporting H-D-PHG-OME HCL, if you have any demand for H-D-PHG-OME HCL, please feel free to contact me Other products cis-13-Docosenoamide CAS 112-84-5 Oleamide CAS 301-02-0 H-D-PHG-OME HCL CAS 19883-41-1 Ethyl phenylacetate cas 101-97-3 2-Phenylacetamide CAS 103-81-1
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