GREENMAX EPS densifier Mars series (Hot Melting Machine) is specialized in compacting EPS&EPE and could save large space offering you convenience. Mars series compacts high-qualified EPS&EPE material and it is easy to transport. INTCO Recycling Supply foam densifier M-C200 for foam recycling and Buy Back Foam Blocks. Applicable materials include EPS, EPP, PSP, XPS, PSP/food trays and cups. Motor Power 37.5 kw / 50 hp Production Capacity 200 kg per hour / 440 lbs per hour STYROFOAM Compression Ratio 90:1 Compressed STYROFOAM Density 600-800 kg/m3 / 1320-1750 lbs/cubic yard Living Space bought one set of GREENMAX Mars C300 large melting machine system, then ordered another two sets of M-C300 for their other locations. Company Name: INTCO Recycling Global manager: Lucy Shen (Mrs. Phone: + 1 9095094388 Address: 805 Barrington Ave, Ontario, CA 91764 Web: Facebook : Email:
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