Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER 36000 BTU Heat Pump Air Conditioner System is a powerful and efficient heating and cooling solution for your home. It’s equipped with – (1) Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER GSZ16 36000 BTU Heat Pump GSZ160361 unit, (2) Goodman 3 Ton 36000 BTU ASPT Multi-Speed Air Conditioner Air Handler ASPT37C14 with Smart Frame Cabinet unit and (3) Goodman 10 kW (9.6 kW) 34100 BTU Heater Coil/Heat Kit HKSC10XC for AC Air Handlers with R-410a Refrigerant [Factory installed TXV]. Specialty of Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER 36000 BTU Heat Pump Air Conditioner System 1. Excellent Heating and Cooling Goodman has fitted both the GSZ160361 heat pump and the ASPT37C14 air handler with excellent heating and cooling capabilities to keep your home comfortable. 2. Compatible with the Eco-Friendly R-410 refrigerant The heat pump is designed to be compatible with the eco-friendly, chlorine-free R-410 refrigerant. 3. Durability for a Lifetime All HVAC units have been crafted from industry-standard materials to ensure long-term durability in addition to rust and corrosion resistance. 4. Mold and Dust-Free Air Ducts With a bi-flow filter drier fitted with the heat pump, keep the air ducts in your home free from dust and moisture build-up which would otherwise require extensive air duct cleaning. 5. Efficient Performance All HVAC units have been designed and matched to extract every bit of performance to achieve a high 16 SEER efficiency rating. 6. Easy Installation With Modular Configurations with Upflow or Counterflow & Horizontal Position of the ASPT air handler, installation is much easier. 7. Low Indoor Humidity To ensure maximum comfort, the air handler has been designed to keep indoor humidity levels comfortably low. Product Info:
  • Quiet condenser fan motor that ensures silent operation
  • The SmartShift® defrost technology for a smooth transition to the defrost mode
  • Efficient cooling capacity for enhanced performance
  • Factory-Installed heater band and a suction line accumulator
  • Heavy-Gauge with Galvanized Steel enclosure cabinet
  • Factory-Installed Bi-flow Liquid Line Filter Drier


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