Nowadays, the concept that waste foam can be recycled has been popularized. In many regions, waste foam will no longer be discarded or landfilled, but more attention is paid to how to recycle foam. In fact, a set of foam densifier or screw drive compactor can easily solve this problem.

Foam Recycling Equipment

The principles of various foam recycling equipment on the market are similar. As we all know, the foam is very light, with small density and the large volume, which lead to much trouble to the foam storage and transportation. In addition, the efficiency of direct granulation of loose foam will be very low. Therefore, aside from various technologies, the core tenet of all types of foam densifiers is “foam volume reduction”, to compact loose foam into dense blocks for transportation or storage prior to recycling. Two most commonly used foam recycling machines are: foam densifier and screw drive compactor.

Foam Densifier

Foam densifier is mainly used for Styrofoam/EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), PE foam (Expandable Polyethylene), XPS (Extruded Polystyrene), EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) etc. These foam materials will first be pulverized by the crusher into small pieces, usually, it is also the first step of other foam recycling machines. Next, the foam densifier use heat to melt foam debris from solid to semi-solid, and last, by the action of screw, the foam ingots will be push from the output port. Obviously the advantage of the foam densifier is the relatively simple operation, nonetheless, the disadvantage also exists that unpleasant odor will be produced during machine heating.



Established in 2008 in America, GREENMAX™ is the registered trade mark of foam recycling machine produced by INTCO Recycling, aiming to be a Foam Recycling Specialist. The foam densifier it manufactures overcame difficulties and solved many shortcomings in the operation process. The exhaust system is now the standard configuration, which removes the unpleasant smell generated when melting, so that the workers can achieve smokeless and odorless operation. In addition, there are automatic cutting, conveyor, etc. for customers to choose. GREENMAX foam densifier, is not only certified by CE and UL, but also having passed rigorous air quality testing for health and environmental safety.

Recycle Tech

Recycle Tech, brand registered in Korean, also produces foam densifiers with the foam volume reduction ration up to 1/90, the same as GREENMAX. This heat-induced densification process is quick, safe, and cleanly processed with no harmful emissions.


Avangard Innovative

Avangard Innovative (AGI) sells a full line of equipment to aid in the collection and management of recyclable products. All foam densifiers have also passed air quality testing. The FD Series are the original version of densifiers, are hand-fed machines which can densify three main types of foam: polystyrene (Styrofoam), polyethylene, and polypropylene.


Screw Drive Compactor

The material which screw drive compactor can deal with is the same as the foam densifier, and the first step is also to smash the foam by crusher. Differently, this machine do not use heat to compact the foam and produce no smoke or odors. After smashing, the foam will be pushed through a specific speed and pressure and then shaped into blocks. Usually, this machine works best when only dealing with one type of foam, which is one of the weaknesses of this machine. besides, facts shows that the production capacity is often not as high as that of the foam densifier. However, a key advantage of the Screw Drive Compactor is that it does not require heating, no smoke and no unpleasant odor, and is environmental friendly.



GREENMAX screw drive compactor was successfully developed in 2007 and has more than ten years of testing and sales history with rich and varied material that can be deal with including Styrofoam, PE foam, EPP, XPS, ETC. The maximum production capacity can reach 300kg/h. As no heating in the operation, the machine has realized environmental protection, zero emissions, and no secondary pollution. In addition, for some foams containing water, such as fish boxes, GREENMAX specially launched Marine Standard with a stainless steel output; for some foams that is too dirty, GREENMAX specially launched the SWD model, which clean the foam first and then compacting.



Runi auger styrofoam compactors compress many types of materials quickly and efficiently, such as fish boxes made from Styrofoam. They can also dewater materials by separating liquids from solids, for example, separating water from washed plastic, or by emptying and compressing juice cartons in a single process.



Heger foam recycling machines are sophisticated and have proven themselves on the market for decades. Its compactor can compact a wide range of waste materials such as EPS (Styrofoam), ARCEL, XPS, EPE, EPP and PUR into high-quality, recyclable material.

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