Novantas, a fintech company based out of the U.S. has acquired the intellectual property (IP) and assets of an AI-powered marketing optimization platform, Amplero.
The details of the deal have not been disclosed yet.

Novantas provides technology solutions, analytic advisory, and data services for banking institutions.

Pricing, marketing, and balance-sheet management solutions are provided by Novantas, to banks.

The company now has plans of integrating the always-on machine learning engine powered by AI, by Amplero into the suite of Novantas.

It will be seen leveraging the platform of Amplero by allowing banks to make the transformation to their capabilities and for digitizing their offerings.

Amplero uses messaging driven by KPI to make the customer data beneficial and deliver the correct message to customers depending on their unique communications and interactions.
Dave Kaytes, the co-CEO of Novnaras stated that the martech platform is an ideal acquisition for this fintech company. The clients of Novantas are getting more and more dependent on AI platforms customized according to the industry. Other technology companies haven’t been able to provide that.

He further added that the banking expertise of Novantas and the solutions they focus on has allowed the company to engineer these technologies around use cases that are proven of delivering results reliably and quickly.

Sarah Welch, the marketing solutions director of Novantas stated that the platform of Amplero supercharges the capabilities of martech that are already existing and can be directed towards driving significant lift in the engagement of the customers and financial returns without having to add any more staff. This coupling of the experience of Novantas in banking as well as its distinctive expertise with the AI technology of Amplero will prove to be a real advantage to the clients of Novantas.

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