[Emergency Cash Loan App Eligibility Criteria]

Age Requirement must be above the age of 21+

Must have a minimum salary of ₹8, 000

Interest rate up to 35%

Loan term – Minimum 30 days and Maximum 3 Years

Features: One-time loan application, Instant loan approval & disbursal, flexible repayments, No prepayment penalty, Instant credit raise

Example: If the loan amount is ₹8, 000 & interest is 35% per annum with tenure of 30 days, after deducting any other fees, Interest = ₹8, 000* 35% / 365 * 30 = ₹230.

FlexSalary is a loan offering from Vivifi India Finance Pvt. Ltd., a non-banking financial company registered with the RBI. Our instant personal loan is for salaried individuals in India, where one can apply for a personal loan and get up to ₹2, 00,000. You will get instant cash in your account on the same day.

FlexSalary is a leading instant online personal loan provider in India because:

• 100% online loan application process

• Affordable interest rates

• High loan approval rate

• One-time approval, anytime cash

• Our loan application process is easy, secured, and confidential

• Once the loan is approved, one can take additional credit without any additional documentation

With FlexSalary, one doesn’t have to:

• Stand in queue for long hours.

• Fill the tedious bank loan application process.

• Apply loan from the comfort of your home.

Users only need to fill the Aadhaar Number, PAN information, Address proof, and the loan can be easily obtained after the submission and approval of documents.

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  • FlexSalary-Personal Loan App
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  • FlexSalary-Personal Loan App
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