1. Product Name:Edelweiss Golden Tourist Souvenir Cow Bell
2. Product Description:Edelweiss Golden Tourist Souvenir Cow Bell,Souvenir Bells
3. Price:10.00
4. Product Website: http://www.crownersupplychain.com/cow-bell/souvenir-bells/edelweiss-golden-tourist-souvenir-cow-bell.html
5. Company Description: Quanzhou Crowner Trading Co.,Ltd
6. Address: FujianFujianQuanzhouLichengRoom 304, Building 36, 610 Xinmen Street, Shengping Community, Lizhong Street, Licheng District, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.
7. Descption: Quanzhou Crowner Trading Co.,Ltd. has total assets of 2 million yuan and more than 40 employees. Its main business areas: Sweden, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, South America, Canada, Australia, etc. have maintained a healthy, stable and rapid growth. An average increase of 60% in 2019 and an average increase of 50% in 2018, from 1 million in 2005 to 30 million in 2019. Sales revenue in 2019 is 30 million yuan, an increase of more than 60% over the same period last year.
8. Registered Capital: 100
9. EmployeeNum: 40
Quanzhou Crowner Trading Co.,Ltd
10. Contact: toby
11. Telphone: 86-595-22501603
12. Fax: 86-595-22501606
13. Email: crowner@aliyun.com
14. Company Website: http://www.crownersupplychain.com
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