Outsmart your competitors with in-store digital displays. You can self-market through product video, info graphics. You can Increase Sales.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Digital Signage provides audience Insight.
Monetize store footfall through Ads. You can convert a TV into digital board.
Become a Partner:  
Are you looking for some passive income? Join a multi-billion advertising industry with massive income opportunities. Place digital signage boards in high-street shops, malls in your city. Build a digital advertising network with little time and effort. You can manage it from your smartphone.

 Why Digital Signage?

  Approx. 19% of customers have made unplanned purchases after seeing an item on digital display. Source: Arbitron (2010) ​
 Digital Signage can create 31.8% upswing in overall sales volume.

​ Adjaba Digital Signage

⦁    Dynamic content and Increased ROI
          2. Better Optimisation of ad space​
          3. Instant time to market​
          4. Minimal fees for Signage ​
          5. Earn cash through brand promotion


Step 1. Install an expensive digital signage or just use a budget LED TV as digital signage.
Step 2. Connect to our network​
Step 3. Create campaign using our mobile app and schedule display from your smartphone
Get in touch with us at Adjaba.Com
Email Us: info@adjaba.com
WhatsApp Us:  +44 77744 92426

  • ⦁ Dynamic content and Increased ROI
  • 2. Better Optimisation of ad space
  • 3. Instant time to market​
  • 4. Minimal fees for Signage ​
  • 5. Earn cash through brand promotion
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