DNA Forensics Laboratory provides Court approved Legal DNA tests for proving biological relationship between alleged relatives. All DNA Tests have different cost and we have many labs all across India which is easy to locate for our clients. Book an appointment: 8010177771, some cases, where a legal DNA test finds extensive applications are: 1. Marital feuds 2. Paternity and Maternity disputes 3. Guardianship and Possession of child 4. Organ Transplant 5. Visa Application and Immigration 6. Property disputes 7. Disputes of Will Visit us: https://www.dnaforensics.in/tests/dna/legal/
  • Legal DNA Test
  • Marital feuds
  • Paternity and Maternity disputes
  • Guardianship and Possession of child
  • Organ Transplant
  • Visa Application and Immigration


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