Getting an Indian visa might not be the toughest task out there but there are a number of other factors that you need to know. Whether you will be getting a visa on arrival or not depends on two major factors- the country from which you are coming and the purpose for which you are visiting the country. So, if you have been looking for “Can I get an E Indian visa on arrival?” then here are a few things that you need to take care of. Indian is one of the most popular tourist destinations out there and that is why if you have been planning a trip to India you are going to have a lifetime experience. 

Tourist visa on arrival is possible

The Indian government has been making a continuous effort to increase tourism in India. This has been a major contribution to the Indian economy. But this kind of visa is not applicable to everyone out there. There are a limited number of countries that can avail visa on arrival. So, if you have been looking for their names then here is a list.





New Zealand 







The citizen of these countries can avail of an Indian visa on arrival for the purpose of tourism or visiting someone only and that too for a short span of time.  

How long is this visa on arrival valid? 

If you are from any of the 11 countries listed above you can get a visa on arrival. This visa only allows you to visit the country as a tourist or to see someone living in the country. This visa will be valid for a period of 30 days between which you will have to leave the country. This kind of visa cannot be converted into any other kind or be extended for any purpose. If you want to extend your visa you will have to submit a fresh visa application and go through the entire process even if you belong to any of those 11 countries. So, this kind of a visa on arrival is valid only when you are planning a short-term visit to India for tourism.

Which airports in India offer visa on arrival?

You can get a visa on arrival in a number of Indian airports but not all of them. So, if you are planning your visit and want to get a visa on arrival then make sure you arrive at any one of the following international airports in India. Here is a list of the airports. 









Except for these airports, any other international airport in India will not provide you with a visa on arrival for any purpose. If you come to any other airport you will be deported back even if you are from the list of the countries for which visa on arrival is allowed.

How long does it take for getting approval of an Indian visa?

When it comes to Indian visa you will be required at least 5 business days for any kind of visa unless you are from one of the countries that can get a visa on arrival. There is a standard charge for this process. that is why it advised that you obtain a visa in advance. However, if you have something urgent and want to get a visa at the earliest notice then you can apply for an emergency visa. This costs much more than the standard visa. Apart from the charges you can get an emergency visa approved in about 24 hours. But make sure you have a valid reason for that purpose. There are several agencies that can help you with this. These agencies try to put up your visa application at the best places to get it approved at the earliest possible.

How are e-visas different from regular visa?

E-visas are ones that yu can apply online and can get by means of an online application. These functions just like any other visa and you can go ahead and get them. So, if you have some time in hand then you can go ahead and get an e-visa. However, these days, most agents prefer to get e-visa because they can be less time taking in terms of approval and delivering it to you. So, either way, this visa is more beneficial for you. However, these e-visas can be applicable only for short term travel plans and not for long term stays. For long term visas, you have to apply in a regular way for an Indian visa. E-visa applications are not that tough and if you have some time in hand then you can go ahead and save some bucks on your end while applying for an Indian visa.

Can you repeat a tourist visa on arrival in the same calendar year? 

If you are looking for a tourist visa on arrival then you can get it twice in one calendar year. But there has to be a gap of at least 2 months in between these 2 visas. So, once your 30 days are over you have to leave the country. You can later come back after 2 months. If you want a longer trip in India which is a very common thing since many people want to explore India to its core then you should apply for a longer tourist visa to the Indian embassy beforehand. Tourist visas easily get approved and a span of about 4 to 5 days is enough to get a tourist visa approved.

Thus, if you have been looking for an Indian visa then make sure you hop onto the Indian visa website and then apply for a visa according to your purpose of visit. However, if you belong to one of those countries that can get a visa on arrival then go ahead and make use of that factor. So, if you have been looking for “Can I get an E Indian visa on arrival?” then these are somethings that you can do. 

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