Electricity is a necessity and now you need it more in your home to manage the work too, on the other hand Fuel, Gas & Electricity charges increasing day by day.

Solar is an environment friendly, healthier & sustainable solution which generates significant long-term savings on your electricity bills. It gives you high returns, Protect our environment etc.

Buy solar | electric vehicles and IoT products online from India’s leading solar eMarketplace which has more than 100+ national & international well known solar brands including IoT and EV. 1700+ products under one roof. 200+ franchise partners working together pan India level for delivering best solar product and services hassle free. Connect with our solar advisor today to get –

  1. Customized solar support
  2. Installation support
  3. Financing support etc.

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  • Go Solar and reduce 80% on electricity cost.
  • Upto 25 years product warranty
  • Get Assured subsidy for home
  • Easy Financing option available - Solar Loan | Card EMI etc
  • Hassle free quick installation
  • Get all support sitting at Home without any hassle.


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