Our Innovative and wide standard Peanut Nut Butter Machine/grinder, Peanut Butter Making Machine is most suitable for commercial and industrial manufacture of nut butter. Peanut or nuts are converted into fine or crusty paste by using high speed rotor in grinding chamber.

Chocolatemelangeur – Manufacturing and supplies wide range of Nut Butter Grinder , Peanut Butter Making Machines, Chocoa Grinders , Chocolate Melangers, Chocolate Conching Machine, Peanut Butter Machine. Perfectly suited to Kitchens, specialty food stores, nut butter makers can focus in your bulk food section and make a fun self-serve.

 Features includes,

  • Suitable for many types of nut butter (cashew, pecan, Almond, Sesame and more)
  • Compact & Modern Design, Fast & efficient operation.
  • high-quality, all-natural granite stones
  • CE & UL certified -Speed controller
  • Varity of Models with High Capacity that refines particle less than15-20 microns

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Tackle with Our Exclusive Products,

Electra 40  Chocolate Melanger with controller

Santha 20 Chocolate melanger with speed controller 

Electra pro 10&20 kg chocolate melanger nut butter grinder

Kadzama 7Kg Melanger,

Rhino nut butter grinder,

Home Nut Butter Machine

Ultra Chocoagrind  Melanger

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