Neenu’s Natural is a food brand synonymous with quality, freshness and purity. The company has huge focus on getting various food products to you at reasonable prices. We have variety of food products ranging from Sweets, Snacks, Pickles, Energy Bars and Masalas. You can order online and get it delivered anywhere in India. Out of all these one of our major speciality is our Chai Masala. Chai Masala is a blend of whole spices, fennel seeds, Tulsi and ginger powder which added to Indian tea makes it much more flavourful. It adds a very unique flavour to the tea and also enhances the health benefits with the warming whole spices. This unique blend has a booster dose of anti-oxidants from Tulsi. It can also be used as a slimming green tea or as a sore throat remedy - Just boil with water (without milk or tea leaves), add honey and sip away! Visit us:
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