Buy quality Cables for Apple/MAC and a huge variety of other Cables at wholesale prices. We have a wide variety of MAC cable to meet your needs including HD130 ends to DB25, CN50, and HPDB50, DB15, MiniDin4, MiniDin8 and Hayes modem cables. Our products include MiniDin4 M/M 4C Cables, MiniDin4 M/F 4C Extension Cables, MiniDin8 M/M 8C Straight Thru Cables, MiniDin8 M/F 8C Straight Thru Extension Cables, DB15 M/M MAC Video Cables, DB15 M/M MAC Video Cables, DB15 M/F MAC Video Extension Cables, MiniDin8 M/M 8C Printer Cables, HDI30 to DB25 Powerbook Cables, HDI30 to HPDB50 Powerbook Cables, and others. The cables are available in varied lengths. No minimum order! Fast Shipping! Visit:

  • Use this high quality cable to connect a keyboard or mouse to a Mac.
  • Connectors: MiniDin4 Male to MiniDin4 Female
  • Length: 6 Feet
  • Connectors: 2x Mini DIN8 Male
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Beige


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