In India, we all know that the traditional wedding means get together of people. It involves at least 500 people. Because of this reason the wedding is famous in India. Everyone wants to celebrate their wedding grandly. For the wedding function, the most important is the wedding venue. Any marriage celebration only depends on the venue. We have a list of wedding halls in Pune that can take more than thousands of people.

Pune is a very big city and you can find easily a perfect marriage wedding hall, lawn, banquet halls with the help of If you are looking for a big wedding hall, then this list will easily find a great marriage hall.


Suraj mangal karyalaya, Phaltan

Suraj mangal karyalaya is one of the oldest and big marriage halls in Pune. This mangal karyalaya can accommodate more than thousand of people comfortably. One can book this hall to host the meeting, parties, and many more...Phaltan is the nearest well-known location of this hall. In-house chefs are also available for cooking. Only AC cooling rooms are available.


Hall Area: 11300 sq.ft. Dinning Area: 3200 sq.ft.

Stage Area: 20x10=200 sq.ft. Kitchen Area: 1100sq.ft.

Toilet & Bathroom

Common Toilet: 4 Common Bathroom: 5


Parking Area: 4100 sq.ft.

Distance From Hall

Railway Station: 10 km Center Bus Station: 2 km

Radhika Garden Mangal Karyalay, Somanthali

This is another one of the most beautiful and large mangal karyalaya hall In Pune. There is a wide parking space of about 7000 sq.ft. It has the ability to get more than two thousand people. This hall also available, if you need it for small any function events. You can select this hall for your upcoming event function. In-house venue decorator is also included.


Hall Area: 32000 sq.ft.

Dinning Area: 4100 sq.ft. Stage Area: 30x20=600 sq.ft.

Kitchen Area: 2700sq.ft.

Air Cooling

Non-A/C Room:9

Toilet & Bathroom

Common Toilet: 9 Common Bathroom: 9

Distance From Hall

Railway Station: 9 km Center Bus Station: 2 km

Land Mark: Phaltan - Baramati Rd, Somnathali,

Nearest Well-known Location: Somnthali

 Vimal Garden Mangal Karyalaya

Vimal Mangal Karyalaya in Pune has beautiful greenery with a garden. There is a large parking space, at which you can park your vehicle safely. Most of the marriage halls have a capacity of more than a thousand people. And the hall area about 13000 sq.ft. The hall also provides excellent staff who will take care whenever you need help. Our hall staff will make sure that your guest celebrates an enjoyable wedding.


Dinning Area: 4100 sq.ft. Stage Area: 30x15 sq.ft.

Kitchen Area: 1200sq.ft.

Air Cooling

Non-A/C Room:3


Parking Area: 4600 sq.ft.

Toilet & Bathroom

Common Toilet: 8 Common Bathroom: 8

Distance From Hall

Railway Station: 9 km Center Bus Station: 3km

Land Mark: Ghotewade Road.

Kohinoor mangal karayala

Kohinoor mangal karayala is a massive hall that can easily accommodate up to two thousand guests comfortably. This venue is also known for the best wedding hall in the city. It has delightful and large galleries, parking, water park are also available. Only AC cooling rooms are available. It is located at Karve Road, Pune.


Hall Area: 20000 sq.ft.

Dinning Area: 3100 sq.ft. Stage Area: 20x25=500 sq.ft.

Kitchen Area: 1600sq.ft.

Air Cooling

A/C Room:4

Toilet & Bathroom

Common Toilet: 7 Common Bathroom: 4


Parking Area: 2700 sq.ft.

Distance From Hall

Railway Station: 6 km Center Bus Station: 2 km

Land Mark: Karve road Nearest Well-known Location: Prabhat road, lane no 8 

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