• Beer Tower Cleaning Brush Double Bristle
  • length 2.9"
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • barobjects.com

  • Bar Objects started its operations in 1999 and has grown to become a leading brand name in the Beer dispensing industry’s B2C services. Draft beer excites us like nothing else and hence we spend a great deal of time making and choosing each product that would make your dispensing experience easy and smooth.

    For us, innovation and style go hand in hand. We think creatively, choose elegance for the look and combine them both to bring out every product. Add to this, our high quality standards and impeccable customer service - making our equipment the best in the market. Bar Objects is a space holder for every major component that goes into building a Draft Beer System.

    The wide range and variety of categories, designs and styles, is bound to have something for everyone. We aim to get all these products closer and more accessible to the customer through our exclusive website.




    Wholesaler in Atlanta, Georgia

    Located in: Georgia State Capitol

    AddressKrome USA Inc, 3069 McCall Dr #7, Atlanta, GA 30340

    Phone(678) 666-2001

    • Kegerator Conversion Kits
    • Beer Faucet
    • 6 Outlet Beer Cleaning Manifold
    • Jockey Box Coil Cooler – 3 Side & Centre Mounted Faucets
    • Beer Tower
    • Drip Trays


    Krome USA Inc, 3069 McCall Dr #7, Atlanta,

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