At FactoryWorx, when it comes to the production reporting system, our ultimate aim is to streamline your processes in order to save time, money and resources.

Automation controllers in manufacturing software made production management smart and empowered businesses to embrace industry 4.0.

We automate production reports in order to reduce manual data collection process and improve your inventory monitoring system accuracy by at least 20%. Save 2-3 hours per day per supervisor from each shift, and 5 hours per day for data entry.

Our reporting systems enable us to provide your management and operational staff with real-time production monitoring software, which can improve and inform your decision-making processes.

FactoryWorx Production Reporting, Monitoring & Quality System Offers:

Reduce manual data collection Labor Costs

* Develop Inventory Accuracy

* Regulate accurate Job Elements

* Practice KPI Dashboards

* OEE reporting



* Reduce Quality Issues

* SPC (Statistical Process Control)

*Predictive Maintenance results in Less Downtime

Contact us now about your production reporting software requirements today.

  • Production Reporting System
  • Production Monitoring System
  • OEE Reporting
  • Production Management
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Production Reports


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