NTP Healthcare a Unit of Corporate NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd. has its Headquarter in Delhi, India having administrative and operational command here in Delhi, with its global outreach having integrated best of healthcare services and products providing customized solutions it has select best hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory & robotic surgery canters, clinical laboratories with lead doctors , paramedics to serve across the globe, Patients Medicare and those seeking allied care therapies get home care medico staff paramedic companions and domiciliary caretakers are organized by NTP Healthcare. NTP Healthcare gratify to its corporate NTP Tourism Affairs Ltd having bestowed to its kitty 33 years of experience professional highly qualified skilled team with management and experience.

NTP Healthcare is one of the pioneer medical tourism companies in India conceptualized with a view to provide complete health care solutions to patients across the globe at the most affordable cost specially providing top cancer and obesity treatment in India. The name itself defines ‘NTP Healthcare’ that means ‘Three Decade Health & Hospitality Experience entering into the field of Health Tourism India.

  • Best Cancer Treatment India
  • Best Obesity Treatment India
  • Transfer to airport and departure
  • Arrangement of Medical Visa to India
  • A support line for your relatives and friends back home
  • Arranging recuperation holidays



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